Conflict of ideas and race for interests, the perpetual quest for superiority and domination, chronic economic imbalances, bloodshed and tension are seen in almost every region of the world. Grave examples of human rights violations, abuse and misuse of powers and authority, non-existence of rule of law and democratic norms and environment pollution have, time and again, shocked the conscience of the civilized mind. The Human Rights Group of Pakistan was formed as a trust in 1996 to address the above mentioned issues and to protect, promote and strengthen human rights, rule of law, environment and socio-economic justice. The Group is working for protection of the suffering humanity and promotion of peace in society through a vigorous propagation of international charters and covenants on human rights and environment. The Group through its different organs has been endeavoring to promote, strengthen and enforce the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan regarding fundamental human rights.


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